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Works in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-stretched space, using various techniques and materials.

Member of an informal group of artists «The Maler Brigade in memory of Kazimir Malevich».
Collaborates with the Creative Association of Design Expositions.
He was the initiator and curator of several collective art projects.

Exhibition activity since 1998. To date, there have been 36  solo and co-author art-projects.  Participant of more than 100 group, collective art-projects, exhibitions, festivals and biennial of city, regional, federal and international levels.

Was the winner of the Matthias Alexander Karsten Prize (Museum of Finland) for the project «Home and World in the Arctic Circle» in collaboration with the employees of the Shemanovsky museum and exhibition complex (Salekhard), 2003.
Was in the shortlist of the 1st competition «Kronprinz Tower: The Second Coming» (Kaliningrad NCCA), 2006.
She was nominated for the second All-Russian competition «Innovation» in the «Regional Project of Contemporary Art» nomination from the Ekaterinburg NCCA within the framework of the project «Stolpotvorenie» with the performance documentary «Wedding of the Tower and the Metro», 2007.

Illustration of books and other printed publications.
Art-works are in museum collections and private collections.

Razheva Marina  was assigned the category 5-B (established professional artist) — /the register of professional artists/.
Her artwork can be designated as lyrical conceptualism (according to the editorial office of the journal on contemporary art «ON / OFF.» ).